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Photo Credits: Austin Miller (son)


With the warm week we had, homemade ice cream would have been a treat. I found this photo, as I was looking through my files. Then I realized it was taken with my camera, but my son was the photographer!  He loves to borrow my Canon 7D camera with the 50mm 1.4 lens!

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My Grandson Gets  Some Practice in Bangladesh!


2015-11-02 08.23.18-2

Taken with my iPhone!

It’s tedious and hard work! I heard husking walnuts can be done by driving over them with a vehicle!! I should have tried it. Of course, being semi-retired, I had time to kill! 🙂 Here I am with a plastic glove inside a cloth glove trying not to get a long-lasting stain on my thumbs! This procedure does work!

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Music in the Air!