Category: Children’s Photography

“Drawing a Bead” on a street dog with his rubber band!

A bird coloring contest for children at the Bird Festival 2023 held at Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Bangladesh.

A nice birthday party! Starting off with a Cypriote Salad, and finishing up with Chocolate Cake!

I quick snapped this photo before hopping onto the vehicle we had hired to take us to the wedding! More wedding photos to come! Also, some other photos! I have been quite occupied, plus, the bloganuary I signed up with WPS is taking some time! Have a great weekend. Till later!

Track & Field Day

This brought back memories of the many Track & Field days, I have been involved in, either as a student, or as a principal.


My Uncle’s Great-Grandchildren watching their Great-Grandfather’s casket being lowered this weekend.


I took this photo of these siblings, and the older boy came running to look at my screen to see what the photo looked like, that I took of him! Fun times!

Brown Eyes

My Cousin’s grandson!