Category: Street scene

I was on a taxi run in Southeast Ohio, and returning home, as I came around a bend in the road, I was pleasantly surprised to see this covered bridge (one of many in Ohio). Note the difference the lighting makes on the enhancement of the top photo.

Ohio Shed Decor

I loved this decor on the wall. A creative way of using old tires, etc. I couldn’t resist turning around and passing by the shed again, to get a photo.

Away from the Crowds

Naples Couple

Rabat, Malta

Ram Strikes a Pose

This ram cooperated with me for this shot, that is if I wanted his eyes facing me! 🙂

Horse riders, and covered wagon procession near Benton, Ohio.

Local woodcarver from Shreve, Ohio.

A nice display at the assisted living facility where my mother lives!

The school bus follows the snow plow on the Old Brick Road!

This scene blessed me upon entering the village of Walnut Creek, in Holmes County, Ohio!