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Springtime Color

Blossoming Dwarf Crabapple tree, bench from repurposed wagon wheel, Bluebird house and meal worm feeder in our backyard, which we call our Bird Sanctuary! There are bluebirds nesting in the house at the present!!

Our other Dwarf Crabapple tree and the accompanying wagon wheel! Even though April is bringing a combination of cool and warm days, Spring is surely upon us!


Taking a break at a land auction!


A potential for many great curry meals!

This young lad was enjoying his donut, obviously glad his Dad had brought him along to the Auction.

Taking Front Stage

Between the Sunrise service, and before the main Easter Morning Service this little girl decided to take to the stage!

“Guard Dog!”

Guarding the sandals, and doorway!

Break Time

Passerbys check out the idle shovels!

Back to Work

It’s Like This