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Home of the Tossed Roll

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Lambert’s Cafe II “Home of the Throwed Rolls” : The Unique Restaurant in Ozark, Missouri where they toss you the hot dinner rolls! If you leave hungry, it is your own fault!


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Time For a Burger and Fries

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Hot off of the grill¬†from Sarah’s Grille, at the Hartville Flea Market in Ohio!



What Do I Want off of This Menu

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At the Lakeyard Pizzeria in Pokhara. The decor was more impressive than the pizza! Menu Check Sugar, Salt, and Pepper

Tasty Grilled Fish at the Rain Forest Cafe in Pokhara

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Rain Forest Cafe

Fish & Chips

I Love When My Food is Served Hot

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Hot steaming food at the Rain Forest Cafe in Pokhara, Nepal.


International Mother Language Day

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This sign for one of my favorite restaurants (Beauty Boarding) shows the beautiful Bangla script, I have come to love!

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