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It’s Like This


How is That Soup?



Lambert’s Cafe II “Home of the Throwed Rolls” : The Unique Restaurant in Ozark, Missouri where they toss you the hot dinner rolls! If you leave hungry, it is your own fault!



Hot off of the grill from Sarah’s Grille, at the Hartville Flea Market in Ohio!



At the Lakeyard Pizzeria in Pokhara. The decor was more impressive than the pizza! Menu Check Sugar, Salt, and Pepper

Rain Forest Cafe

Fish & Chips

Hot steaming food at the Rain Forest Cafe in Pokhara, Nepal.


This sign for one of my favorite restaurants (Beauty Boarding) shows the beautiful Bangla script, I have come to love!

See previous post regarding their food: See their page on Facebook.


Checking out the Santoor at the Santoor’s Restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  This restaurant has some great Chinese, Indian and Bangla food!  You will likely have to guess which father with his daughter is checking out the musical instrument.

Santoor at Santoor's Restaurant

Santoor at Santoor’s Restaurant


September 4 is a day which I will always remember.  It is my mother’s birthday, and she is now 91 years old!  It is also the day we buried my father, 9 years ago!