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I was on a taxi run in Southeast Ohio, and returning home, as I came around a bend in the road, I was pleasantly surprised to see this covered bridge (one of many in Ohio). Note the difference the lighting makes on the enhancement of the top photo.

Rabat, Malta

Twins’ First Ride

My last taxi job before vacation was to take these newborn twins and the family home from the hospital. Amish babies don’t look much different from other babies, do they! 🙂 Little boy on the left, and the girl on the right!

Writing up an order!

Local woodcarver from Shreve, Ohio.


Barbecued Chicken or Ox Roast plus beans, macaroni salad, and your choice of many pies. The meal at the Spartansburg, Pennsylvania fairgrounds, was followed by musicians, Soul’s Out, and the Blackwood Brothers singing some great songs.

A southern gospel group that started some 85 years ago! The lead singer is a nephew of one of the former singers. Now none of the quartet are brothers, and this is the first time ever they performed out of uniform. Usually wearing suitcoats! We were privileged to hear this group last weekend, singing many of the old hymns of yesteryear.