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From Dawn to Dusk

It is amazing what can be done in one day!

Trains and Semi-tractor trailers moving cargo in the West. I love to take photos of trains, and skies with clouds. I didn’t mind that the Semi photo-bombed my photo of the train! 🙂 Have a great day!

This week my taxi work took me to the East Coast of the USA. My wife was able to travel along this time!!!

One of the many scenes I had on a 20 day taxi road trip with 5 young Amish men (Aged 22-39). Now home, before a 7 day road trip to Northeastern USA. It feels like a 40 hour layover! Maybe after that I will be more consistent with posts!

Big equipment

These Auctioneer’s helpers are busy taking bids!

Eye Contact

Good Communication needs eye contact! These were a part of the auctioneer team that did an auction I attended on December 31.

I hope you all are enjoying these Auction photos! I had a full two hours of enjoyment capturing moments of this auction. There are many more days of posts from this Auction. Enjoy

This is the last photo I took in 2021

Corn Harvest

It is still hay-making season!