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As the market prepares for another day it is hit with bright sunlight which we hadn’t seen for several days!

I was attracted by the saying on the shirt! I suspect they have restaurants in several locations. We sure did enjoy the food, especially the garlic nan.

We were outside the apartment building waiting for an Uber, so either this fellow was curious why we were just standing there, or he thought we might eventually decide we need a ride!

School buses from two different companies, with and without scholars! Assuming the one company tries to have a route that takes 10 minutes or less to get the children to school, or just decided on this catchy name! When I went to school “in the good old days,” I pedaled to school!

Electrician or Telephone Repairman! I am glad he knows what he is doing!

What would you title the chapters of your autobiography? On the Farm; High School & Photography; College and Courting; Centerville Days; Times in Kalona; Principal & Pilot in NW Ontario; Schools in Ohio; Bangladesh Years; Taxiing Amish; Mattress Sales Consultant; Birding & Photography; Retirement Years!

This photo captures several of the chapter titles: Birding, Taxi work, and Photography!

Clean Slate

The slate is wiped clean! I guess it is time to take a break!!! No taxi work till the end of March!!

From Dawn to Dusk

It is amazing what can be done in one day!

Trains and Semi-tractor trailers moving cargo in the West. I love to take photos of trains, and skies with clouds. I didn’t mind that the Semi photo-bombed my photo of the train! 🙂 Have a great day!

This week my taxi work took me to the East Coast of the USA. My wife was able to travel along this time!!!