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We were getting some photos taken and this lady passed by and my brother told her, that she would be next. She walked on and her friends decided to have her sit for a photo. I got up, grabbed my camera and captured her posed for her photo, by her friends.

As we walked the San Antonio River Walk, we ran into some photo shoots that were happening.

Thanks Bill Chance for informing me about the name of the event, Quinceañera – Celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday!

An ingenious way to display the Bangladesh Flag on the Bhramaputra River in Mymensingh, Bangladesh!


A photo of myself sporting the Bangla flag!



marlandphotos-blog-photography- buriganga-dhaka-bangladesh-bridge



This is the original photomarlandphotos-blog-photography-TTL-boat-reflection


This is how the curator of the exhibition enhanced the photo!  A few tweaks with the temp and lighting produce a excellent photo.


I am not sure why these cows on the bank of the Buriganga River in Old Dhaka have their horns painted blue!


This photo was taken at the top of the Munster cathedral in Switzerland

This is my wife Alice.  I trust that you all are looking into the New Year with hope and joy! I pray if it holds pain for some of you that the pain will cause growth in some way.