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More Snow

Rain all day yesterday, now snow today! ❄ Roads messy, but tolerable. Side roads and streets not cleared yet. The scenery is beautiful.

Storm’s a Brewing

International Haiku Day

april in Ohio

we see all kinds of weather

today it snowed!

I decided to try to write a haiku, since it was International Haiku Day. I confess, the photo was from this previous winter. Today’s snow was a nice dusting, which was mostly gone by 10 am.

marlandphotos-blog-photography- buriganga-dhaka-bangladesh-bridge

Experiencing some nice cooling rain this morning to drop temps by 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rainbow In The West

Rainbow In The West

Yes, another rain photo!

This lady in Mymensingh isn’t going to wait for the water to disappear before crossing the street.

Walking in the Rain!

This young Burmese child was enjoying the rain in Yangoon, Myanmar!

It looks like fun on a hot summer day!