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Belated Happy Birthday

I thought I would sneak this Belated Happy Birthday wish to my Son, Dustin, since this month is almost done. This is him in action on a day we went birding in North Central Ohio.

Who knows what may show up on this blog in the next months! I sent my Sony a6000 in for repairs. They said it could be 3 months till I get it back. My phone’s camera is not that great, but it can record events! Maybe even get some nice photos. Till next time.

Local Carvers Work

Steam Engine

Birthday Gift Bag

My Mother gave my son a birthday gift bag. He had fun looking at everything, very much like my mother likes to do when she receives a bag full of gifts! Our grandson looks on.

Innovative! Four-Seat Carriage with Four Peddles!

Storm’s a Brewing

Another Sunrise

Not an orange flat screen, but a reflection!

The Real Deal

Thanks to Dairy Queen this Reese Peanut Butter Cup cake was readily available with no fuss, and no muss! The party was for our son, Austin, and his son’s fiancee, Kourtney! Sorry, Dusty, you didn’t get any of it since you left a week too soon. But, we did sing for you. Google Mail said that the video was too long to send. So, I will have to learn how to edit it, and send it.


Red-Tailed Hawk


Purple Martin Home

Purple Martin houses are very popular among the Amish people. Here we see some action at the Martin House