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Nicaragua Beach

I am disappointed, because we were due to be touring Israel this week, and next. We did get our tour money back, but will have to wait for the money from El Al, until they are up and running. I am thinking there is likely something better ahead for us. Now glad, we decided the make the trip to Nicaragua in February. At least with 20-20 vision, we can look back and better analyze what is happening, etc., and it’s ramifications! Let’s not despair, but look ahead with hope.

Live Sand Dollar

Maybe it is not a sand dollar, if it is still alive?!?


Even though there are plenty of fish in the sea, you are without a doubt the perfect fit for me.




Mother and son at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh!




Foraging Willet

IMG_9082 - Copy

Willet at Fort Myers Beach

I decided to go to Walt’s Fish Market for my Fish Dinner, instead of patiently waiting for it!

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