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My Grandson starts into his 13th year today! Which means that it is his 12th birthday! We may not be together today but I thought of him and a great memory of playing mini golf with him in Florida on Christmas Eve!!

I trust it will be a great year with not too many waves in it for you! Happy Birthday!

IMG_9081 - Copy

Day 200

MY NIECE BAILEY drawing a crowd of guys at Cox’s Bazaar!

Day 195

BAILEY, MY NIECE ENJOYING  the waves at Cox’s Bazaar’s in Bangladesh.   This section is called Laboni Beach. At 75 miles, it is the world’s longest sand beach in the world. Notice the typical Cox’s Bazaar “swimwear” which is of course not typical Florida or California swimwear!

Day 360

THE SURF POUNDING THE ROCKS on the shore of Bali, Indonesia!