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Bride & Father-in-Law

This photo is high on the list of favorite photos of the wedding photography, I did yesterday, for a friend!


Ready! Set! Fire!

White-breasted Nuthatch



IMG_5019 - Copy

IMG_6388 - Copy

Fun Times

Fun Times

Photo Time

Photo Time

Scenic View

Scenic View

Our Home in Ohio for Awhile

My Grandfather lived just over the hill from here years ago, and we used to come here and visit, when our sons were small. It is in the country.

IMG_5813 - Copy

Pink and Blue Hues

Pink and Blue Hues

Is That a Bird House?

Oops, at a closer look, it is a piece of wood with a hole in it! But it does look nice in the flower bed!

IMG_6006 - Copy

Behind the Wheel Again

It feels different being behind the wheel again, after being used to riding public transportation in Dhaka, Bangladesh for 8 years (Rickshaws, CNGs, buses, taxis, trains, boats, and planes)!  Now I feel more in control of what is happening with my vehicle, though I thoroughly enjoyed letting someone else have that job!

Here I am approaching a horse and buggy (carriage used by the Amish), which is a very common sight in this region of Ohio.

IMG_6010 - Copy

Glitzy_Milar_farewell  0520

Photo Taken at Our Farewell Party

Photo credits: Izauq Inabbar & Shaikhul Apon


Go with your wife and friends to Jitters for a time of sharing

Look for all the treasures in your attic

Lead a team to Italy, they say the summers are nice and warm

Visit your Mother a few times a year in Florida, and stay a couple winter months with her because Winter is warmer there, than in Ohio

Take Alice to PA to visit her sisters

Three weeks to Western states to see God’s creation – You would never stop taking photos

Do a work project in France close to the Eiffel Tower so you can get at least one photo

Spend time with your Grandsons at least two times a month

Go to Bangladesh to visit Dustin

Make sure that you celebrate your Birthday and be sure and bring your cake 🙂

Two weeks to Prince Edward Island, worth taking the time to see

Enjoy the beauty of Holmes County: Cheese, Steak, Hamburgers, Tomatoes off the Vine, and Shrimp, Bent and Dent Stores that have Bargains, Horse and Buggies to pass, Beautiful Hills, Curvy Roads, Amish Cooking and all the Wonderful Friends You Left There When You Went to Bangladesh!

The End

Wow, that will keep us busy for awhile! Thanks, Rebecca Yoder for the suggestions.