Category: Nature Photography

Fawns still with spots!

Buck in Velvet!

Doe ran across ravine, after crossing the road in front of me, had to stop and check me out from a safe distance!

Foggy Sunrise

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in North Central Ohio

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge has several miles for Autos to drive through. Geese of course have the Right of Way!

The beginning of our hike on a local “Rails to Trails” trail! A brisk cool morning, but we had “Mission Accomplished!” We were hoping to sight a Red-Shouldered Hawk that had been on this section of the trail, and succeeded!

Early Morning

Canadian Geese on the swamp. Note the Trumpeter Swan in the gap in the shrubs.

And November 2020 is also almost behind us!

Woods Creatures

I had never seen a toad this color! So perfectly camouflaged, that I didn’t see it till it jumped.