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White-tailed Deer Eyes the Lens

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As we walked on the walking trail, this white-tailed deer decided she wasn’t in any danger!

Is Anybody Home?

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Many people will be home this weekend celebrating Easter with family!

Is Spring Back for Good?

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I haven’t had a chance to go out and photograph all the harbingers of Spring, so I am posting this photo I took beside a walking trail, three weeks ago. Needless to say those flowers were later covered by at least two or three snowfalls!

Fall is Here

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Berries on this Brilliantissima Red Chokeberry are turning red, which is the color I wanted to be dominant this fall in my shrub bed.

Fly Away

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Colors of Promise not in Random Fashion

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Maybe losing time for the perfect rainbow shot, by shooting first in manual mode from a previous shot (blowing out the sky), changing lenses, etc. gave me this more interesting photo with the clouds moving in?

Hummingbird Nesting

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