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Dustin and I love to put puzzles together!


My grandson knows I love Cha! I suspect most every day for 7 years, I had at least one cup of cha, while in Bangladesh. At my grandson’s grad party it was being offered as one of the hot drinks!  If I would have shut my eyes, I could have imagined myself in Dhaka. It was a similar feeling I had when eating the delightful chicken curry, my daughter-in-law prepared for the party! I confess, I stayed away from the delicious assortment of cookies my dear wife baked, though I indulged in the cheese and meat she so nicely arranged on a plate! And the spicy hot cheese ball was excellent! The loaves of French my wife baked were also a hit, of course with different choices of jam, including strawberry.

Cha (Bengali Tea)


A Mixture of Sugar, Tea, and Sweetened Condensed Milk

One of my early morning pleasures in Bangladesh

Four eyes on the photographer!IMG_4911her!

Also enjoyed homemade apple butter on home made bread from a wood-fired oven!


Nostalgia: A house we called home for four and one-half years!

Drinking Tea Together!

Happy Birthday!


Marland With Tea

Three Men Enjoying Conversation With Their Morning Cup of Chai

Three Cups of Tea