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These women wanted my wife and I stop and drink tea! I had stopped quite often at this tea stand over the years, so they recognized me. They hadn’t seen my wife very often, and maybe not at all. We enjoyed the visit, and the complimentary cha!

A shop in my neighborhood!

Enjoying His Own Tea!

Enjoying His Own Tea!


Neighborhood Tea Stand

Neighborhood Tea Stand

I shot this photo at ISO 5,000 which accounts for the grain.  It was at 21 mm, 1/50th sec, and f/3.5 using a 18-55 Canon kit lens.

This is what I see as I am waiting for the tea stand to have the first morning cup of tea ready in Mymensingh!

These nice cool mornings (75 degrees F)  make this tea very inviting.  These streetside stands make as good a tea as you can get anywhere in the world!!

Flames licking the teapot in prep for a delicious cup of cha!

Day 137

TEA STALL OWNER PREPARING ME A CUP OF TEA.  His stand is 50 yards from Jeremy’s apartment, and half way between us and Charles’ place!  Sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and some tea are created to make this great drink.  Maybe 3 oz. for 6 cents!  It’s a rare day that I don’t have a cup of tea.  He is wearing a lungi, which is typically what I wear most days at home in the apartment.  They are quite comfortable during these 90+ degrees days!

Day 19

LADY IN KOLANPUR, DHAKA, BANGLADESH getting cup ready for my tea at her roadside tea stand.