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I had earlier labelled this horse as a Friesian. A friend informed me that it was a Gypsy Vaneer, so I retitled the post.

My wife at one of her favorite places for her daily morning walk, the entrance to the “Rails to Trails” trail in Millersburg.

She loves it when on her daily morning walk she sees deer!

Her other favorite place for her daily morning walk is Oak Hill Cemetery near our house. And as you see, she also at times sees deer!

Fawns still with spots!

Buck in Velvet!

Doe ran across ravine, after crossing the road in front of me, had to stop and check me out from a safe distance!

Out to Pasture

This is the first day out in the pasture for these ponies. I didn’t get any action shots of them running around.


Horse grazing in the pasture field, a typical sight in Holmes County, Ohio.

Horse not harnessed, and merry-go-round sitting idle!