Category: Fruit

At least here in Bangladesh! Takes me back to the days when we baled hay and put it into the barn, sometimes 1,000 bales in one day. At the end of the day, one of the rewards was cold, sweet watermelon!

Fresh Fruit

Van Gari loaded with pineapples!

Fresh Grapefruit

My wife enjoyed picking ripe grapefruit from a tree in my sister’s backyard, in California!

Local unattended fruit and vegetable stand!

Healthy Hearty Breakfast

It seems like a long time ago that I enjoyed this delightful breakfast, the baked oatmeal, compliments of my brother in Texas! I think we were first introduced to baked oatmeal while living in Northwestern Ontario.

Bridal Table Arrangement

The bride, a good friend of ours, arranged this plate for me to photograph it! It was a lovely wedding!



Happy Canada Day


Some great Canadian friends, and memories!


Phol Wallah

Tiny but Tasty!

Picked near the Marchington Road East of Sioux Lookout!