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That’s me leaning on the hoe, second from the left. I would have been a freshman in High School, but maybe in 8th grade. The rest were Uncles and Aunts, Siblings, and Cousins. They had come from Ohio to visit us in Iowa. We had been hoeing weeds in the strawberry patch. In the background you see the green tent in our yard, where us boys slept since the guests were using our bedroom.

Happy Independence Day

There will be celebrations this weekend, though toned down because of Covid19 concerns. Who knows, maybe some people will be eating strawberry pie! Enjoy the holiday, in whatever way you choose to celebrate.

As I was waiting for my taxi customers, a nice Amish lady wondered if I wanted some strawberries. We always love strawberries, so I said sure. How sweet of her to share with us. She had been out picking them in the rain, and still had more to pick. My wife then made strawberry jam, which goes well with her homemade bread, fresh out of the oven.

Healthy Hearty Breakfast

It seems like a long time ago that I enjoyed this delightful breakfast, the baked oatmeal, compliments of my brother in Texas! I think we were first introduced to baked oatmeal while living in Northwestern Ontario.

Edible Bouquet


This is probably the 3rd season that locally grown strawberries are available here in Bangladesh. Tk 200/kg (U.S. $1.16/ lb).

My wife did a superb job of putting together this wonderful dessert, which was all we had for our evening meal!Strawberry Shortcake

I WAS SURPRISED TO SEE THESE STRAWBERRIES AT THIS TIME OF YEAR!  They let me taste me one, and I immediately bought a small pack to take back for Alice to taste as well.  We are enjoying our stay at the Hotel Encounter Nepal hotel.  The tub and hot water are a special treat for my wife, Alice!

A large pile of strawberries brings back childhood memories of picking 100 quart of berries on my parent's strawberry patch!

A large pile of strawberries brings back childhood memories of picking 100 quart of berries on my parent’s strawberry patch!


IT’S NICE TO SEE THAT STRAWBERRIES ARE AVAILABLE IN BANGLADESH.  I remember in my teen years, some days picking 100 quart in a morning.  My parents yearly had anywhere from 2-6 acres of strawberries.  These berries sure were delicious over “soft” ice cream.  With the temps these days it doesn’t take long for ice cream to get soft outside of the freezer!  Almost makes you think you are eating “Dairy Queen” ice cream!

Sweet and Delicious!