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Great Messages

A message for husbands.

A message for Dads

The First Look

Glasses off, and Binoculars on!

Birder at Magee Marsh

Three Reactions!

Amusing: Three reactions when they see the telephoto lens pointed in their direction!

Paying Respect

Going to pay respect for a gentleman who died of a massive heart attack! The wagon, is used to transport benches from one home to another for the Amish church services. These are also available for times like these. Note the battery-powered light which will light up the area for those coming in the late evening.

Before I see the bird!

My Fav T-Shirt, and Mug, Both Gifts From Friends

My wife and I go walking on a local trail. I see a bird, I try to photograph it, check it out with my binoculars, and before I know it she is far down the trail. After some 30 minutes I look into the distance, and I see her returning! She We are both in our “happy places!”

Bride and Groom

With me!

Bride with my wife (Groom’s Grandmother)


Interesting Wedding: My cousin, 60+ years old, married her pastor, who had lost his wife to cancer. It is a new beginning for both of them! A great day of celebration! I am happy for them!

Ping Pong

After our company banquet we had a ping-pong tournament! The “Grandstand” was not focused on the match! 🙂

Hands at Work and at Rest

This couple is enjoying a morning walk at Twin Lakes in Florida. It is something to be grateful for, to still have a spouse that we continue to walk through life with, in our “Golden Years!” Golden, mostly because we have each other. My wife faithfully prepares food for my meals. She has also taken up doing the snow shoveling, and lawn mowing, because I am quite busy with my taxi work, and she enjoys the exercise! We have been blessed to have celebrated 55 Valentine’s Days, since we met in the fall of 1966, during our first year of University! Thank you, Sweetheart!


This cute little girl surely doesn’t grasp the seriousness of the prayer! She is being dedicated to the Lord! Her eyes are only on the photographer!