2012 Day 81

CAROL AND IDA REALLY DID EAT WITH THEIR HANDS.  THIS IS THE NORMAL METHOD FOR BENGALIS WITH BANGLA FOOD.  This was the noon meal at the Taize brothers after the worship service.  The one brother was teasing the ladies that there was an examination.  If they failed to show they could eat decently with their … Continue reading 2012 Day 81

2012 Day 79

WE DID A TOUR ACROSS THE BURIGANGA TO SEE THE SHIP YARDS AND A GARMENT FACTORY.  Here the ladies are posing with sewing machines.  The workers loved to show us their workplace and their products. Continue reading 2012 Day 79

2012 Day 78

CAROL AND IDA ON A MYMENSINGH!  They even looked for an excuse to go for a rickshaw ride just before supper.  Riding rickshaws was their favorite mode of transportation, though they really enjoyed the train. They are leaving for the airport at midnight tonight! 😦 We sure have had a good time of catching up … Continue reading 2012 Day 78

2012 Day 76

LAST EVENING AFTER ORDERING OUR MEAL AT Nandos Peri Peri Chicken Restaurant in Dhaka these couples poked their heads through the openings behind us!  We had a splendid meal. It was the last day of their special of an additional free side dish of your choice with a meal.  Nando’s is a casual dining restaurant group originating from … Continue reading 2012 Day 76