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Is my Master Bringing me a Coffee?

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Coffee Shop on Duke Street in Lancaster, Pa

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This Coffee offers many options!





Stroopie warming up on the coffee cup, getting ready to be dunked!

Rocky Mountain National Park–A Picture Perfect Autumn Destination — Photofocus – Feed

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Rocky Mountain National Park in the fall is a nature photographer’s dream come true: tall, rugged mountains, landscapes saturated with the colors of changing leaves, and wildlife so close at times you barely need a telephoto lens. I last visited the park the first week of October. Colors were still bold across the mountainsides, although…

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Cicadas are Back in Ohio

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They show up every 17 years in Ohio! The next time I will be 84 years old, should I live that long!

Happy Birthday!

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My wife had a birthday on the 19th of June; July 1st was Canada Day!!’ And today is the 4thof July, the U.S.A.’s birthday!! Have fun barbecuing, or whatever you have scheduled. Hopefully my friends to the North had a great day on the 1st!

Lots of Green

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Time For a Burger and Fries

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Hot off of the grill from Sarah’s Grille, at the Hartville Flea Market in Ohio!