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Gate Keeper

Angus Grazing

I am quite sure the mountain is Rocky Top Mountain near Wears Valley, Tennessee.

Wears Valley

A nice surprise to come around a curve in the road and see these turkeys, with a great background for this photo. This was in Wears Valley, Tennessee next to the Smoky Mountains!

Chimney Tops

My wife after doing this trail!

The first section of trail more or less follows the cascading waters of Road Prong Creek, and crosses several footbridges along the 0.9-mile route to Beech Flats. If you’re hiking during the spring or early summer, look for rhododendron, mountain laurel and many other wildflowers blooming along the trailside during this time period. The trail junction at Beech Flats marks the approximate half-way point for this hike. From here the Road Prong Trail branches off to the left towards the Appalachian Trail at Indian Gap, roughly 2.4 miles away. The Road Prong Trail, which continues to follow the stream of the same name, is one of the oldest trails in the Smokies. In the 18th and 19th centuries this ancient path was commonly known as the Indian Gap Trail.

Sunset peeking through the trees!

Our Welcome!

Hoping to get some scenic shots to post this week!

Happy Birthday, Mom

Mom is celebrating her 97th birthday today. I thought the water wheel, demonstrates how years come and go.

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Social Distancing

Lots of people waiting to take care of their banking needs on a busy Saturday morning at Mt. Hope. Lined up outside the drive-up window, and at the front door.

Early Morning

House Raising

It looks like this home will get a basement! I think they are still living it during the reconstruction!

The Fork

The fork, idle as it waits for the potato harvest!

The Ole’ Windmill

The old windmill still sits on the hill, just as it did when I was a young lad, visi

ting my father’s home place near Fryburg, Ohio.!

Sweet Corn Harvest Time

Helping my wife prepare sweet corn for canning!

A young boy rode this horse and pulled the sled out across the road to the field to put in the 109 ears of sweet corn that we wanted. That would make it real fresh, wouldn’t it. We paid for 9 dozen, so he gave us more than a baker’s dozen!