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Horse Country

Winter Farm Scene

This winter sure has many days when those clearing lanes like this have had their work cut out for them. I hear there is a big storm heading our way!

Belated Merry Christmas

WhatI faced at 4 am on Christmas morning!

Started this on Christmas Day and finished it the following morning. This puzzle was one of my Christmas gifts.

Taxi work was light, so I decided to tackle this 1,000 piece puzzle! The first time I ever saw a Product Warranty for a puzzle. This puzzle was given to me for my birthday in August.

This is how much I accomplished by Monday morning.

Not a pocket-size camera!

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this camera at a local grocery store!

This was actually an un-edited photo.

And a church cemetery. I think it belonged to the church in the top photo. Also, I think it was near Middleburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Early Morning Drive

Fallen Leaves

The morning sun highlights the fallen leaves.

Signs Of Autumn

Countryside Morning Light

Sunset Beauty