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Home Sweet Home

Mail piled up! Thanks, Ida for sorting the mail!

Fridge need’s restocking! As type my wife returned from her shopping trip with a lot of veggies, etc to replenish this empty cavern!

The list of scheduled taxi runs is non-existent, though I got a call while I was in Boston, and two calls the first thing this morning for runs today! The one call this morning was my “wakeup call.” So I got up and started my day, even though we crawled into bed at 2 am, 44 hours after we left the apartment in Bangladesh on Thursday afternoon in Bangladesh!

So back to my morning routine, in front of the fire, since it was 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside, compared to the 85 degrees when we left Bangladesh! There may be some “stragglers” from Bangladesh, but future posts will mostly be from Ohio, USA!

Budding Photographer

At the wedding we attended this little boy was intrigued by my camera! He pushed every button possible, and I am hoping he doesn’t format the card! :–) I took a photo of him, and the rest are photos he took. He was somewhat limited since I kept the strap arround my neck! Notice the look on the faces of the ladies when they realized what was happening. Have a great weekend.

It’s Mine

Friends walking down the street.

Challenging Chore

What chore do you find the most challenging to do? Shoveling snow!

Belated National Bird Day

A birder at the Magee Marsh in Northern Ohio.

The U.S.A. National Bird! A photo I took in Holmes County.

eBird says that in 2022, I recorded 184 bird species in 102 checklists!

Sun-Kissed Tables


Tools and Carvers waiting for the carver!

I spent a fair amount of time at this table last weekend! Unless I change my mind, the cowboy is ready for some touchup, and then ready for my paint brushes! I’m anxious to see how he turns out!

A Bear Hug

Corn Crib Cafe

I thought it was a unique name with matching photos on the walls! It makes sense since this is located in a rich farming community in Northern Indiana!

Planning a trip is always an exciting time!

One of the many scenes I had on a 20 day taxi road trip with 5 young Amish men (Aged 22-39). Now home, before a 7 day road trip to Northeastern USA. It feels like a 40 hour layover! Maybe after that I will be more consistent with posts!