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Nice to see my friends showing their skills in my home town. I am heading to PA for an Alumni banquet, so couldn’t join the carvers. Good weather this year. Last year it was quite chilly!

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Local Carvers Work

Steam Engine

I had earlier labelled this horse as a Friesian. A friend informed me that it was a Gypsy Vaneer, so I retitled the post.

Deer Crossing

Shall I cross?

Looks safe enough, I guess I will!

Father’s Day

Lunch break is over and time to get back to work. Sons follow their father.

This little fellow had trouble finding his hat, and was late for work! 🙂

The last boy must not have found his hat, and the other is still struggling to get it on right!

Here are some of the 42 quart they put in my van, for my taxi customer! She had asked for 40 quart and they decided to throw in 2 extra for good measure! And no, the were all bright red, but some were in the shade, and I exposed for them! 🙂

A Money Flower

Not sure if Money Flower is the correct term for this arrangement of the 91 dollar bills my Uncle received on his 90th birthday!!! He also received over 200 cards in the mail, kind of appropriate since he was a mail carrier for many years!


My cousin (on the right) just received the book, “Those Holmes County Hills,” a book that my Uncle (on the left) wrote. Something about the book amused him.

Back to My Roots

Heading South out of Kalona, our address for years, I entered the town of Washington, Iowa. I was born in this town.

It’s late Spring so the corn is not too tall yet! We had a saying, that corn will likely be “Knee-high in the 4th of July!” At the Corn Palace in South Dakota the guide would say that all the corn inside was Iowa corn. The corn on the outside of the building was South Dakota corn, which was too tall to get inside the building! 🙂

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Red Hot

The Forge of the “Blacksmith Shop on Wheels.” Every so often, I sub for their driver, driving their blacksmith-equipped van to different locations to shoe horses!