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One of the many scenes I had on a 20 day taxi road trip with 5 young Amish men (Aged 22-39). Now home, before a 7 day road trip to Northeastern USA. It feels like a 40 hour layover! Maybe after that I will be more consistent with posts!

Crocuses are blooming; Love is in the air!

Several weeks ago, a fellow employee, where I work quit working. Soon I heard she was dating an employee!! That same week, I picked up some taxi customers, and the daughter had her boyfriend with her! He looked familiar, and I realized he was the son of another customer. What a surprise to find out they had just started dating! Also on Thursday evening this week, I saw a male Woodcock putting on an aerial performance to try and impress a female woodcock! Spring is welcome, though the Calendar and weather forecast say it isn’t here yet!

My wife and I walked the trail near Millersburg this morning. The Killbuck Creek was full to the banks, the deer were inquisitive, and the birds active. I finally saw a Pileated Woodpecker up close. On my mobile I showed my wife what the woodpecker looked like, and sounded like. Within 100 yards of where existed the trail a Pileated Woodpecker crossed the trail right in front of us, and landed on a tree nearby! That was special.

Celery Fields

Yesterday we hiked here, a favorite hiking and birding spot for locals.

A Great White Egret one of many birds we saw!


I think the Stop sign is for the wind that is bringing cold air into Florida! We came here to spend some time where it is warm! We better not complain, since where we came from, it was at least 50°F colder.

Paying Respect

Tragedy struck: A young father and his son were killed when a car hit their horse-drawn cart from the rear. Now the family and friends come together to pay their respects. Here are the carriages parked in an organized fashion.

First Major Snowfall

Our home after the first major snowfall of the season. Also before and after daylight. Also, before and after snow was cleared from the sidewalks and streets!

Going In or Out

This scene greeted me as I drove up to pick up my taxi customer! Interestingly there was some snow falling, for the first time this year!

Not everyone was focused!

Awaiting the live production at “Sight and Sound” theater, in Pennsylvania. It felt like you were right in the city of Susa. They did a terrific job, as always.


This reminds me of the water faucets we had on the farm. They were designed so they wouldn’t freeze up in the winter time! Not sure if Iowa was the name of the company that made them. These were in our local cemetery, and the “Iowa” caught my eye, since that is where I grew up.