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Paying Respect

Tragedy struck: A young father and his son were killed when a car hit their horse-drawn cart from the rear. Now the family and friends come together to pay their respects. Here are the carriages parked in an organized fashion.

First Major Snowfall

Our home after the first major snowfall of the season. Also before and after daylight. Also, before and after snow was cleared from the sidewalks and streets!

Going In or Out

This scene greeted me as I drove up to pick up my taxi customer! Interestingly there was some snow falling, for the first time this year!

Not everyone was focused!

Awaiting the live production at “Sight and Sound” theater, in Pennsylvania. It felt like you were right in the city of Susa. They did a terrific job, as always.


This reminds me of the water faucets we had on the farm. They were designed so they wouldn’t freeze up in the winter time! Not sure if Iowa was the name of the company that made them. These were in our local cemetery, and the “Iowa” caught my eye, since that is where I grew up.


They are sure missing their usual vivid colors!

Nice to see my friends showing their skills in my home town. I am heading to PA for an Alumni banquet, so couldn’t join the carvers. Good weather this year. Last year it was quite chilly!

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Local Carvers Work

Steam Engine

I had earlier labelled this horse as a Friesian. A friend informed me that it was a Gypsy Vaneer, so I retitled the post.