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Horse riders, and covered wagon procession near Benton, Ohio.

Horse not harnessed, and merry-go-round sitting idle!


The 5th cutting of hay looks a little sparse!

IMG_6085I think I was 10 minutes too late to see this plow being pulled by a team of 4 horses.

Idyllic Scene




Amish harrowing the ground with a team of horses. Spring has really come to Ohio!

Sugarcreek Sunrise

The nice view that greeted us out the back door of where we are staying! No rice fields but still nice and green!

Lovely Sugarcreek Fields

A nice sunny morning to hang out the laundry to dry!  If you look at the close-up you can see my Aunt on the porch and my Uncle between the laundry on the line and the porch! Makes me wish I would have used my telephoto lens for a clearer shot!

Uncle Joe's Farm Laundry Time