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Petunia Plants


Assortment of windmills for your lawn.

If you are John Deere fan, this windmill is for you!

Or this one for Farmall or International Harvester fans!

Flower Pouches

I think this is the first year I have seen these flower pouches.

Getting used to my new mirrorless camera (Sony ZV-E10). I was parked on the road trying to capture a photo of this wild turkey that was crossing the road, and then trying to get over a fence. So it goes.

On this day I enjoyed the many sightings of birds and animals. A sandhill crane out in a farmer’s field, this turkey crossing the road, and on three occasions deer standing beside the road watching me go by. I stayed with this family, who had Baltimore Orioles coming to their feeder, like I have house finches, and goldfinch coming to mine! In the evening we strolled down to a large pond and caught a mess of crappies, and bluegills, which were enjoyed the next morning at breakfast! Their little boy is around 9 months old! This all happened on my two day, 1,000 mile trip into Michigan this week.

Enjoy your day and the rest of the week!