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Probably tired, since he likely got up early to travel to this auction!

Fall Colors

An old Ford Farm Tractor parked at the garage looks a newer model than the 8N Ford I learned to drive with. This scene was near Fremont, MI.

Spring Time

New York Autumn

I thought the red and blue added something of color, and of interest in the above photo!

Old Tractors

Now, that is a load of antique tractors!

I think there are 68 tractors that will be sold on auction in the near future!

Vintage Farm Tractor

Very similar to the 8N Ford tractor I drove on our farm back in the 50’s and 60’s.



Cast Aside

No, it wasn’t my trucking business! 🙂



THIS IS THE VIEW FROM THE 7TH HEAVEN RESTAURANT ABOVE AARONG’S IN LALMATIA, DHAKA, BANGLADESH. Carol Hochstetler liked this photo because of the tractor and the cool car beside it.  I guess this photo is dedicated to my friend, Joe Hochstetler!

Tractor and Wagon beside Sports car on Mirpur Road, as Well as Many Other Modes of Transportation!