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Old Friends

September 18! A memorable Day indeed. 55 years ago I met a lovely girl, who 1,000 days later became my wife!! We are old friends for sure!



Old Wagon RePurposed

A Has Been

This old barn along this country road has seen better days, and is likely not a great place to explore!

I picked up this young lad, his siblings and Mom, to take them home. His young cousin stepped up to the window to talk to me. He asked me what I do at home! It made my day. He was a young fella that I also had as a passenger many times with and without his parents. It made my day that he wanted to chat with the taxi driver. Maybe it helps that I give the children “smarties” when they ride with me!

When I called to schedule a visit at the assisted living facility where my 97-year-old Mother is, they said, “We were just talking about your mother!” At the table during a meal, one of the residents was crying, and my Mother got up out of her chair, went over to the lady and gave her a big hug. Wow, how sweet is that? I had a nice visit with her on the porch. She said, “I would give you a “howdy do” handshake but I think it is against the rules!” LOL


Finished Product

Original Trunk

Taped with Frog Tape, so I could spray the trunk, leaving the bands unpainted, so I could later paint those.

The taping and trimming with brown tasks were time-consuming, but we loved the end result. It will sit in a spare bedroom, so guests can set their suitcases on it. Thus the old will meet the new!

Old Plates

Ready for guests. These plates, my wife got from her mother!

Ye Olde Pump

I suspect the pump was used years ago, but not the outhouse!


This title will need an explanation for most people, but probably not for most people who speak the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect of German.

An Ayrshire is a breed of dairy cattle that originated from Ayrshire in Southwest Scotland before 1800. In Pennsylvania Dutch “shiah” or loosely pronounced shire means, barn. Therefore since this old barn is letting lots of air through it is called an Ayrshire (airbarn), connecting the English and Pennsylvania Dutch to get the name of a farm animal. I suspect this would be considered a “meme!”

Old Tractors

Now, that is a load of antique tractors!