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Black-capped Chickadee

img_2659After weeks and months trying to lure birds to my suet and birdsong bird feeders, this bird finally showed up. I had seen it in the neighbor’s bushes, but until recently wasn’t aware I had food he would enjoy!



Hanes 8-10 months; 36 Football; Pebble toy!



Best Dad Ever



The fellow on the mobile, is the same fellow in the photo that the lady is holding! Of course, at least 12 years younger!


Valentine’s Day is Behind Us!

Now What?


I love the smile on this fellow’s face!

I took this low quality photo to email to my son, to see if he still wanted the ball player. It had been a lamp, but the lamp part has disappeared. He has somewhat nostalgic feelings regarding it, since it was a ceramic piece that his aunt made for him years ago. It goes into his corner of the attic and we get to keep sorting through the rest of the attic for treasures or junk!

Caught in the Lens of the Binoculars


Flapjacks anyone!

Are there any other names for pancakes?

Fruit Dish


I decided to post about food, since before I was able to get some nice snow photos this morning the wind had blown the snow off of the bushes and trees. I was busy sweeping and shoveling the white stuff!


An item on the Der Dutchman breakfast menu:

Buttermilk biscuit with sausage gravy, two eggs, hash browns, choice of meat ham, bacon or sausage and homemade toast.