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Attractive Home

This Amish home uses flower to enhance it’s attractiveness!


My Uncle Christ, and Aunt Betty (his wife) mourning the loss of my Mother at the her internment!

My Cousin, Dorcas


Left Side-Myself Right Side-Brother

Autumn is on it’s Way

The leaves on this tree in my Cousin’s son’s yard is showing some beautiful color as we head into the middle of October.

Folded? or Unfolded?

Sunday Noon after church, with my younger brother, Bob.


Laid to Rest

My dear Mother, Fannie Jane (Beachy) Miller: September 4, 1923-September 26, 2021

Joy and Sorrow

This will be in my Top 10, for photos of the year! It is a portrait of my good friend, Joe, digging the grave for my dear Mother, who lived 98 years and 22 days! What a full life she lived. Today her body will be laid in the grave. There is joy because she is in a better place. Sorrow because she will be missed. Joe knew my mother well, and they had great times together.