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Hunting for “Sheds!”

In other words, my taxi customer is heading into the woods, to see if he can find any antlers, that the whitetail bucks have shed! I didn’t run my wipers before taking the photo through the windshield! Can you tell? It does give the scene a different look, doesn’t it!

Skittish Whitetails

These white-tail deer sure were skittish, showing their white-tails as they ran off.

Antlered Entryway

There are probably 150+ deer antlers on this entrance to someone’s place. This was West of Flori, Iowa.

Interesting Encounter

This deer was trying to pass me on the trail at a fast speed. I just turned and got this bad photo as he passed.

Here the deer is running off into the woods on my right side.

We were watching these deer on the other side of the Ramsey Cascades Trail, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, when the deer in the first two photos, came charging down the trail behind me.



On the Run


These deer crossed the road in front of me, and then looked at me as I passed by.

White-Tail Deer on the Run

A dog came over and barked at these deer before I could get a photo of them grazing! Tails up, and away they go, showing quite well, why they are called white-tailed deer.

Morning Trail Sighting

Photo at 1/250 sec, f 5.6, ISO 6400 with Canon 7D, 275 mm (Canon EF 70-300 f 4-5.6 IS USM).  It was taken in raw format, and the next photo lighting was increased in Adobe Lightroom.


As we walked on the walking trail, this white-tailed deer decided she wasn’t in any danger!

White-Tailed Doe in Berks County, Pa.

White-Tailed Doe in Berks County, Pa.