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Fireside Treats Coming Up


The beginning of a great evening around the campfire with friends!



Hold the Phone





I woke up 51 years ago, and realized I had heard the bluebirds sing!! I had first met my  wife the day before! The following ballad comes close to telling our story, though it was first recorded when we were 4 years old!  For complete rendition!

I met a girl out in the hills who gave my lonely heart a thrill
Her beauty seemed just like a breath of spring
And when I looked into her eyes I thought of blue mid summer skies
When I held her hand in mine I heard the bluebirds sing

“I Heard the Bluebirds Sing” is a charming ballad about a happy older couple looking back on their courtship. The song was first recorded on a 78 rpm record in 1952 by Hod Pharis and Little Anne, for the Vancouver-based Aragon Label.


They are not the Cleveland Indians, but they are having fun at the Lunch Break from School. I don’t know if the one team has a 22 game winning streak, but the Cleveland Indians do!


Taken with my Samsung phone’s camera.