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Spring is Here!


Thinking the danger of freezing was over, on April 30, I put out my hummingbird feeder. I was rewarded by a visitor on May 1!   I was delighted!!

Magee Marsh, Crane Creek, BWIAB, Ohio, Birding

Digging into my archives for a photo, and thought this might be appropriate! In case you are wondering, Spring will come! The photo was taken on the Magee Marsh boardwalk!

The tower clock of the Millersburg!IMG_5892rg, Ohio Courthouse in the early dawn!



I woke up 51 years ago, and realized I had heard the bluebirds sing!! I had first met my  wife the day before! The following ballad comes close to telling our story, though it was first recorded when we were 4 years old!  For complete rendition!

I met a girl out in the hills who gave my lonely heart a thrill
Her beauty seemed just like a breath of spring
And when I looked into her eyes I thought of blue mid summer skies
When I held her hand in mine I heard the bluebirds sing

“I Heard the Bluebirds Sing” is a charming ballad about a happy older couple looking back on their courtship. The song was first recorded on a 78 rpm record in 1952 by Hod Pharis and Little Anne, for the Vancouver-based Aragon Label.

Contrasts on the Trail

The Holmes County Trail saw lots of use during yesterday’s warm day, on this Easter Weekend.  HAPPY EASTER!


I decided I was allowed to post one more snow photo, since it was only the first week of Spring.

Shouldn’t it be, BRR 3111?


Some warmer weather, then yesterday snow greeted us in the morning, followed by temps in the teens this morning! Only NINE days till Spring. Enjoy Winter while you can!

Hay Bales