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I am for sure thankful for my wonderful wife, Alice!!


The First Thanksgiving

How many people really know how Thanksgiving began? I would venture to guess that even most Christians can’t tell you the real story of the first Thanksgiving celebration. The modern day version of Thanksgiving was held in 1621 at the Plymouth Plantation. The pilgrims had a harvest feast after the growing season to give praise to God for his blessings. The pilgrims had plenty of things to complain about. Half of the people had died during the harsh winter of starvation or disease. Despite all of this death and disease, the pilgrims were still thankful and grateful for everything they had. During the early days, the Thanksgiving holiday was celebrated at different times in the different colonies. The annual day of Thanksgiving did not get an official date until the Civil War., when it was instituted by Abraham Lincoln


These days it is hard to find blue houses in Jodhpur. Times are changing! I captured this view down a side street.




Rajasthani Thali


marlandphotos-blog-photography-bazaar-bangladesh-Chickens marlandphotos-blog-photography-bazaar-bangladesh-Chickens

Taken in Rajasthan, India


The Taj Mahal

Early Morning Reflection

Early Morning Reflection

Jal Mahal (meaning “Water Palace“) is a palace located in the middle of ┬áSagarLake in Jaipur city, the capital of the state of Rajasthan, India.


Photo taken near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India