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Blackburnian Warbler


One of the many warblers seen on the boardwalk at Magee Marsh (Crane Creek) during the “Biggest Week in American Birding-2018 !”  This is NW Ohio, the Warbler capital of the world!



He asked me where my camera was, so I turned around, got the camera off of the shelf, and proceeded to snap away!!! 🙂  They say you should always have your camera handy, in case it is needed!



Leisure Time


Day 259

In memory of our friend, John, who always enjoyed getting the grill going, to share a tasty meal with us!

The Camerist's Collection

BARBCUED SHRIMP was one of the tasty treats we enjoyed during our stay in the U.S.  These were grilled by John Yoder, with a little of my assistance.  If want to taste some good grillin’ you need to have one of John’s treats, including steak, chicken breasts, etc.

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This Reblog is in memory of our good friend, John, who posed for this photo with his niece. Today, the day of his burial, would have been his 65th birthday, had he not succumbed to death! We will miss you, John! Our prayers go out for his widow, Rebecca. Praying for grace to sustain you in the days, months and years to come!!! John and Rebecca surely treated us like family!!! We cherish the many memories we have, of time with this fine couple!

The Camerist's Collection


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Sam Sutton’s caricature rendition of my dear wife and me, done just recently!  And it is true, that in the 60’s we were College sweethearts!

For a Mother’s Day meal the Father’s did the meal, and this was my contribution! Being married to the world’s best baker, surely gave me an edge in this new endeavor!