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Day 31

PHOTOGRAPHER at the Track and Field Day at the American International School in Dhaka.

LADY WATCHING Track & Field events at the American International School in Dhaka.

I spent the morning there with my grandson, Jensen.  He was excited about winning the 200 m. run.

Day 29

AMERICA FOLKS ARRIVE!!  At 10:08 I had them nestled in their apartment and headed home.

Day 28

FOGGY VIEW DOWN one of the canals beside the Bangladesh Parliament building.  I used the watercolor artistic application in Photoshop CS2.

Day 27

CHOWRASTA MALL in Darjeeling, India.  This is the sight that greeted us as we returned from a little hike to see the sunrise hit the Kanchenjunga Mountain range.  Early mornings are great times to capture photos, as well as a good time to get your daily walk in.

Day 26

TRAFFIC JAMS IN DHAKA affect all kinds of vehicles.

Day 25

BEGGAR SMILING even though “poor!”  This is a typical scene from the inside of a CNG.

Day 24

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Warren, my younger brother!

MITHU SHOOTING A shoot-out goal attempt.

Soon after we returned from India, a young football team I associate with (Remian Raiders) were involved in a tournament at a field next to the Army Stadium.  Here are some shots of the quarter-final match they lost 4-3 in a shoot-out!  Good luck Raiders next time.

ASIF TRYING TO GET INTO position to receive the ball.

MAHBUB COMES through on this shoot-out with a hard shot into the corner of the goal!  He came into this game in the second half, having injured his ankle which kept him from playing the previous game.

Day 23

THIS TRUCK  IS LIKELY LOADED  with garment workers coming into the city.

Day 22

YOUNG GIRL must have skinned her knee while playing and was trying to give it good nursing care.

GRAFFITI ON WALL describes my feelings about Bangladesh and it’s good to be back home.  Also it’s a good feeling to know that with my next upload, I will be caught up on my one photo per day blog goal.

YOUNG GIRL in Darjeeling