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Not sure how many posts there will be in the near future! Family reunion, followed by a trip to Calgary for a wedding, and a week of touring the Rockies after that!


Rolling farmland of Holmes County, Ohio, U.S.A.

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So pleased to see that the wren family decided to use the birdhouse I hung in my little backyard!

We call this our bird sanctuary! If you look you can see the wren sitting on the wrought iron pole above the birdhouse!


Happy Father’s Day


One of my favorite portraits of my sons!

Have I?

A question, too important, not to reblog! Thanks David Kanigan for the blogpost!

Live & Learn

This coming Sunday, in homes across the nation, millions of American men will awake to the arrival of breakfast in bed. Prepared and served by their children, these Father’s Day repasts convey appreciation as well as contributing to the general bonhomie of the day to come. But as he sips his coffee from his “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, even the most obtuse father has to ask himself: Have I been the man my children deserve?

~ William McGurn, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Father’s Day,, June 12, 2017

Photo by Julien Stenger

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My wife made my day very special!  I came home from a taxi run at Noon, which meant we went out to eat for lunch instead of breakfast!  As we were leaving, I mentioned that the lawn looked like it didn’t need mowing!  In the morning it was dewy, and I decided I should put mowing the lawn on my list of activities! It was a puzzle to me, until my sweetheart mentioned that she had mowed the lawn while I was gone! She surely got me that time! Thanks heaps, and looking forward to many more years together!




In baseball, there is always a winner, and a loser, but you will have to admit, winning is more fun than losing.