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Thoughtful Gift

A counted-cross-stitch with the date of our marriage hangs gracefully in our bedroom!! Our 50th anniversary is 6 months away, so the gift was in plenty of time to exhibit at that time! A big thank you to the friend who crafted this “Labor of Love!”

Caught on Camera

11 year anniversary of this blog! So decided to post a portrait of a fine lady, since I love portraits, as much as I love this niece! 

2,476 Posts with 851 followers, and the most visited post being the  Bengali Village Girl .  I appreciate all the support I have felt. I attempted to give you a window into my life through the photos! I think I achieved the goal I had for this blog.  I haven’t posted something every day, as I did for he first years.  I have learned a lot from many other bloggers. I appreciate all the comments many of you have made over the years. One thing I would like to improve on, would be the captions for the daily posts, and possibly adding a quote or poem to the photos. I have rarely, if ever had a post without a photo, and it will likely stay that way! Enjoy the next 10 years! 🙂

I thought this would be an appropriate photo, since my wife has faithfully walked by my side, supporting me as I take photos, and blog!! Including walking together on the Highline Trail, near Logan pass in Glacier National Park, Montana this past summer!!

My wife made my day very special!  I came home from a taxi run at Noon, which meant we went out to eat for lunch instead of breakfast!  As we were leaving, I mentioned that the lawn looked like it didn’t need mowing!  In the morning it was dewy, and I decided I should put mowing the lawn on my list of activities! It was a puzzle to me, until my sweetheart mentioned that she had mowed the lawn while I was gone! She surely got me that time! Thanks heaps, and looking forward to many more years together!


I met my wife on September 18, 1966 in Harrisonburg, Virginia! After courting for 1,000 days, we were married in 1969. I’d do it again, in a heart beat!!

Thanks, Alice for these 49 memorable years! I guess the first mountain we climbed together was Massanutten in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


September 18 keeps coming around year after year to remind me of how God place an awesome woman into my life. After 44 years of marriage I know God knew what was best for me!

IMG_7063 - Copy

At the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland!

Day 261

FORTY THREE years ago today, I met Alice Marie Yoder and 1,000 days later we had our very special wedding day.  New students at the college were invited to spend some time in a professor’s home to get acquainted.  Both of us ended up at the same professor’s home, and that was the start of a great relationship.

To Alice, my Love!

Thanks for letting me into your heart,

And sharing your life with me!

You accepted me for who I was,

The young man from West of the Mississippi.

Soon after our marriage, man landed on the moon!

Two great events in a single year!

You’ve been my best supporter,

On the many paths my life has taken me!

It’s been a pleasure to be your husband,

Pilot, pastor, boss, photographer, and best friend!

I’ve enjoyed hiking with you in Colorado,

Arizona, India, and in Nepal!

You are the best cook in the whole wide world,

And can make sweet rolls that are loved by all!

Our many guests have consumed 1,000’s of your chocolate chip cookies,

And many, many loaves of your delicious home-made bread.

You were very adaptive in your cooking and baking,

Whether you were using an electric, gas, or wood cookstove!.

Besides being a great wife,

You are a great mother, and grandmother!

With your communication skills you make a great story-teller,

Whether for guests, your sons, or grandsons.

You can tell many tales from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa,

As well as Canada, Iowa, and Bangladesh.

Thanks again for who you are,

And what you mean to me.

Marland, your Grateful Husband

Septmember 18, 2009

Blowing Bubbles!