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April Wedding in June

This wedding was originally scheduled for April, but changed so they could have more guests.

Note the tables and lights for the reception in the barn, as well as the tent, to help with social distancing. The wedding is actually 1/2 mile up the road!

The scene I had after dropping off my taxi customers at the wedding. More guests: Arriving by buggy, bike and vehicle!


My wife made my day very special!  I came home from a taxi run at Noon, which meant we went out to eat for lunch instead of breakfast!  As we were leaving, I mentioned that the lawn looked like it didn’t need mowing!  In the morning it was dewy, and I decided I should put mowing the lawn on my list of activities! It was a puzzle to me, until my sweetheart mentioned that she had mowed the lawn while I was gone! She surely got me that time! Thanks heaps, and looking forward to many more years together!


I attended Asif and Mou’s Wedding reception at the Dhanmondi Party Center.  My friend Oshim also attended.

Marlandphotos-blog-Marriage-AsifWedding-Bangladesh-Bride-Groom Marlandphotos-blog-wedding-AsifWedding-Marland-Oshim



This is how our apartment building looked for several days! A beautiful sight at night!


IMG_2741 - Copy

Carolyn Esh with her father! Congratulations!

IMG_2821 - Copy

Day 143

These girls wanted to make sure I took a photo of them, though one was was distracted during the click of the shutter.

Dressed in their best!

Day 138

FOUNTAIN OUTSIDE THE OFFICER’S CLUB IN DHAKA, where Ariful and Tajia’s wedding reception was held.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO MY MOTHER and all the other great Mother’s who check out this site!

Tonight I attended a wedding of Shudipto, a TTL club photographer.  He had invited all the TTLr’s from Dhaka to his wedding reception.

Of course then you would see action like this wouldn’t you, with both the bride and groom behind the lens?  It was a fun evening with great Bengali food!  All the typical wedding food including curried chicken, fish and beef.  They also served my favorite drink, borhani!