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Happily Married!

Jenson and Rachel in the reception line!

Bridal Table Arrangement

The bride, a good friend of ours, arranged this plate for me to photograph it! It was a lovely wedding!


The bride gives the groom, her full attention!!

He just finished feeding her wedding cake! A fun wedding, indeed!


I attended Asif and Mou’s Wedding reception at the Dhanmondi Party Center.  My friend Oshim also attended.

Marlandphotos-blog-Marriage-AsifWedding-Bangladesh-Bride-Groom Marlandphotos-blog-wedding-AsifWedding-Marland-Oshim

Carolyn Esh with her father! Congratulations!

IMG_2821 - Copy

Day 134

  This evening I attended Arif (Ariful H Bhuiyan) and Tajia’s (Salma Sultana Tajia) wedding reception.

Arif and Tajia don’t  know which camera to look at!

I had a photo taken with the Bride, since the Groom hadn’t showed  up yet!

Tajia Decked Out as Bengali Brides Usually Are!

Tajia has seen a make-up artist since Day 133!

Day 129

WHERE’S THE BRIDE?  She’s hid behind the photographer on the right.   I guess that is what happens when a photographer gets married and invites the whole club to the wedding!  Poor Bride!  Of course this event is basically one big photo-op with a great meal.