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My daughter-in-law did a great job of preparing this tasty dish. It was for our youngest grandson’s 16th birthday celebration!!

A fusion of Elk meat chunks and a classic North Indian mild curry made with yogurt, tomato paste, ginger, garlic and traditional Indian spices.

Temptation! NMF

The holiday season is over. How did you handle it? Are you now on a diet? Have you made New Year’s resolutions to eat better, or to lose weight? These delightful chocolate goodies are tempting for those that like sugar, chocolate, or peanut butter! The “buckeyes” are for peanut butter lovers. I am not so keen on peanut butter, unless it is mixed with karo syrup or honey! Of course that adds calories. Hoping this New Year sees you healthier, lighter, and in good spirits. Remember, looking at photos doesn’t add calories. Apologies to those folks that couldn’t handle the photo, and had to rush out and buy some chocolates. We bought them because it was a fundraiser, and we gave them away!

Country Sunrise

Mugs, Mugs, Mugs!

I had lunch with my friend at this unique restaurant that has been in operation nearly 60 years. He has been collecting these mugs, which number 3,000 plus! I had their Hot Beef Plate which was delightful!

Puzzling Mural

As I was passing through Fairfield, Iowa, this mural caught my eye, so I pulled into the parking lot, to capture this unique “puzzling” mural! I don’t know if it was painted by my friend, Rusty Baker, but it compares to his works, in 200 some cities around the world! Thanks to a comment I now know it was painted by Ella Yates!

Iowa Sunrise


As we start this new year, I decided to post a photo from 10 years ago! The photo includes my grandsons on the Chowrasta (mall) riding horses off on the loop where they will see the Kanchenjunga, followed by their Uncle, our son, Dustin. They likely didn’t know what was ahead of them, as we don’t know what all will be ahead of us in 2020.


Darjeeling, India has been an enjoyable vacation spot for us.

Thanks to all who are following my blog. Not sure what 2020 will hold. Likely more of the same as before! I would love feedback, on what kind of posts you enjoy, etc. For me, it is like a journal of our lives, but also a place, where I can showcase some photos. Around 12 years ago, I posted at least one photo daily, for many years, but that hasn’t always happened recently. Looking forward to hearing from some of you. I had thought of posting what I thought were my 12 best photos of 2019, but I had trouble making that decision! If things go as planned, we will be visiting two countries, we have not visited previously.