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Great Beak Design




Friends enjoying some of my daughter-in-law’s Bengali cuisine at my Grandson’s birthday party!

Red Beard and Red Pepper!

These gentleman were taking a break at the annual Airworks Auction in Mt. Hope, Ohio



Bass Baked to Perfection

Brother Harry demonstrated his culinary skills!



When baked, remove it from the wooden dowel, and fill it with cream cheese, and raspberry pie filling! Tasty treat, for sure!!!

Happy Canada Day


Some great Canadian friends, and memories!


My grandson knows I love Cha! I suspect most every day for 7 years, I had at least one cup of cha, while in Bangladesh. At my grandson’s grad party it was being offered as one of the hot drinks!  If I would have shut my eyes, I could have imagined myself in Dhaka. It was a similar feeling I had when eating the delightful chicken curry, my daughter-in-law prepared for the party! I confess, I stayed away from the delicious assortment of cookies my dear wife baked, though I indulged in the cheese and meat she so nicely arranged on a plate! And the spicy hot cheese ball was excellent! The loaves of French my wife baked were also a hit, of course with different choices of jam, including strawberry.

Open Mouth, Insert Cupcake


For a Mother’s Day meal the Father’s did the meal, and this was my contribution! Being married to the world’s best baker, surely gave me an edge in this new endeavor!


Tasty Soup Coming My Way