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Joys of Childhood

It is always nice to be around children! They love life and enjoy playing! Magnet Art, and Race Cars!

During a holiday the guys selling bubble “machines” are sure to find some willing customers!

This t-shirt took the words out of my mouth! The people, the culture, the food, and the climate!

And Un-cropped

I thought this was an interesting capture! A festive occasion, which means wearing beautiful saris. It was the First Day of Spring, and Valentine’s Day, so they could choose to dress in Red or Yellow!

A special day in which people either dress in yellow or red! A festive occasion, for sure. Red would be the typical color for Valentine’s Day, and Yellow, for the First Day of Spring. These holidays fall on the same day in Bangladesh. Those days are a street photographer’s paradise!


These women wanted my wife and I stop and drink tea! I had stopped quite often at this tea stand over the years, so they recognized me. They hadn’t seen my wife very often, and maybe not at all. We enjoyed the visit, and the complimentary cha!

A nice birthday party! Starting off with a Cypriote Salad, and finishing up with Chocolate Cake!