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Enough Swiss Chocolates to Satisfy You for a Long Time

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My dear wife had fun shopping in Basel, Switzerland!  We are now in America.  We didn’t have room in our suitcases to get a  bar for all of you, but some of you will be the lucky ones!

Shopping at Migros!

Shopping at Migros!

Life Breath of Half the World

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Rain is so much a part of Bangladesh, I couldn’t resist re-blogging this post.

GrosMuenster Church Steeples across the Limot River in Zurich, Switzerland

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Welcome any comments on whether the preference would be B&W or Color?

IMG_6148 - CopyA IMG_6148 - Copy

Cloud Formation and Mosque in Dhaka, the City of Mosques

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Does the cloud have a silver lining for Dhaka?

Does the cloud have a silver lining for Dhaka?


It’s been 1983 days since I started posting daily.  I did some forward posting and some backward posting to keep up.  I am soon heading for Switzerland for 12 days, and then 4.5 months in America, so have decided to post as I have time.  Many weeks it may be daily, but we shall see.  If you have any ideas of how I could improve my posts please give me a comment.  It will not be discontinued, but I won’t have the pressure, that I put on myself, of having to post daily!  Have a great day.

Old Saris become Khanta which becomes a Poncho

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Here is my wife modeling the finished product.   She was the one who had the idea of making the poncho!

MarlandAlice-5581 MarlandAlice-5586 MarlandAlice-5578 MarlandAlice-5580

My Wife and I

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Today was photo shoot day for us.