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The courthouse lawn in Millersburg, Ohio has this display!

I tried to upload a mp4 file of this car driving through this tree! Somewhat WP didn’t let me do that!?! Somewhere there is a photo of my father and a car driving through this Redwood tree in 1946! I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to see this tree or not! Now it happened! This is in the Redwood National Park, California!


One of the reasons it took us 7 hours for a 26 mile drive to a village!

A nice display at the assisted living facility where my mother lives!

The school bus follows the snow plow on the Old Brick Road!

Model T/Buggy HybridIMG_9180-2

’57 Chevy!




I think you have to be old to get it!!  According to “Yahoo Answers,” The marketing “Put a Tiger in your tank” refers to putting the performance and energy of a Tiger into your gasoline tank by using “Esso” / “Exxon” gasoline.  It was a 1965 advertising campaign for Esso Petroleum Company! I had actually been driving a year before this happened!


Unique piece of decor at the “Southern Delights and More” coffee shop! Also very friendly staff.


Slow Traffic