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One of the reasons it took us 7 hours for a 26 mile drive to a village!

A nice display at the assisted living facility where my mother lives!

The school bus follows the snow plow on the Old Brick Road!

Model T/Buggy HybridIMG_9180-2

’57 Chevy!




I think you have to be old to get it!!  According to “Yahoo Answers,” The marketing “Put a Tiger in your tank” refers to putting the performance and energy of a Tiger into your gasoline tank by using “Esso” / “Exxon” gasoline.  It was a 1965 advertising campaign for Esso Petroleum Company! I had actually been driving a year before this happened!


Unique piece of decor at the “Southern Delights and More” coffee shop! Also very friendly staff.


Slow Traffic



Travel time to the airport was 90 minutes!  They arrived at the airport just at Iftar time, so the doors are closed while the people inside are eating their Iftar food. It was special to be able to spend good times with our son and grandson!

Crammed in with the Luggage!

Crammed in with the Luggage!

Mr. Cool Sporting the Bangladesh Cricket Jersey

Mr. Cool Sporting the Bangladesh Cricket Jersey