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The drizzly day turned into a downpour just in time for us to go out! Rickshaw Wallah was prepared with a piece of plastic keeping us quite dry till we arrived at our destination. It did let up by the time we returned. This week we had several short rains, but this is likely the first heavy rain since October!


Waiting at the Doha, Qatar airport 16 hrs for our next flight!

The courthouse lawn in Millersburg, Ohio has this display!

I tried to upload a mp4 file of this car driving through this tree! Somewhat WP didn’t let me do that!?! Somewhere there is a photo of my father and a car driving through this Redwood tree in 1946! I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to see this tree or not! Now it happened! This is in the Redwood National Park, California!


One of the reasons it took us 7 hours for a 26 mile drive to a village!

A nice display at the assisted living facility where my mother lives!

The school bus follows the snow plow on the Old Brick Road!

Model T/Buggy HybridIMG_9180-2

’57 Chevy!




I think you have to be old to get it!!  According to “Yahoo Answers,” The marketing “Put a Tiger in your tank” refers to putting the performance and energy of a Tiger into your gasoline tank by using “Esso” / “Exxon” gasoline.  It was a 1965 advertising campaign for Esso Petroleum Company! I had actually been driving a year before this happened!


Unique piece of decor at the “Southern Delights and More” coffee shop! Also very friendly staff.