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Hunting for “Sheds!”

In other words, my taxi customer is heading into the woods, to see if he can find any antlers, that the whitetail bucks have shed! I didn’t run my wipers before taking the photo through the windshield! Can you tell? It does give the scene a different look, doesn’t it!

Downtown Rainy Sunset

Happy Independence Day

There will be celebrations this weekend, though toned down because of Covid19 concerns. Who knows, maybe some people will be eating strawberry pie! Enjoy the holiday, in whatever way you choose to celebrate.

As I was waiting for my taxi customers, a nice Amish lady wondered if I wanted some strawberries. We always love strawberries, so I said sure. How sweet of her to share with us. She had been out picking them in the rain, and still had more to pick. My wife then made strawberry jam, which goes well with her homemade bread, fresh out of the oven.

Happy Birthday to My Love

My wife’s birthday is today! You could call her “Alice in Wonderland,” since she is always wondering what we are going to do next! And yes, we have walked in the rain!

2017 Finishes Up

I don’t remember whether we ever walked together in the rain, but we sure walked many miles together! Thanks, to my dear wife for being by my side through another great year! Lots of precious memories!


Lots of rain today, with a forecast for snow in Northeastern Ohio!

IMG_9874 - Copy

Happy Father’s Day

A special day for me!  My father passed away 10 years ago. But this Father’s Day I get to spend time with my Sons, Austin and Dustin.

Austin My Eldest Son, AustinDustin My Second Son, Dustin Jensen and I Football in the rain with my oldest grandson, Jensen!

Girl stands on the street divider deciding whether to get into the water or not?

Water in the street!

Yes, another rain photo!

This lady in Mymensingh isn’t going to wait for the water to disappear before crossing the street.

Walking in the Rain!

This young Burmese child was enjoying the rain in Yangoon, Myanmar!

It looks like fun on a hot summer day!

Charles does his part in helping this photo shoot to go on, rain or shine!  Sorry, if this is a reblog!

Charles, Carver, his son, and the “bug!”

Day 300

BOATSMAN ON THE BURIGANGA AT THE SADARGHAT BOAT TERMINAL, OLD DHAKA, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Even though it was raining they wanted us to go for a river down the river!  A big plastic tarp was a part of the bargain.  Wow, I can’t believe there are only 65 days left in 2010!