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My wife and I were walking at sunrise this morning, but it wasn’t raining! Will go out to eat this afternoon, and will likely order lobster, instead of biscuits and gravy! 🙂 Looking forward to another sweet year with my college sweetheart!!!


2017 Finishes Up

I don’t remember whether we ever walked together in the rain, but we sure walked many miles together! Thanks, to my dear wife for being by my side through another great year! Lots of precious memories!


Either to or From School

Either to or From School

Street Photography

Girl stands on the street divider deciding whether to get into the water or not?

Water in the street!

Bengali man sitting here enjoying the Boli Kheli in a Malumghat village.

In the Shade!

Day 286

MY DEAR SWEETHEART, “Walking in the Rain,”being watched by the ducks!  We enjoyed our trip to Mymensingh visiting different MCC projects.

Day 281

THREE YEARS  ago we arrived in Dhaka and unpacked our bags.  Our lives have blended with many friends, bideshi(foreigners) and Bengalis.  We have impacted others, and others have impacted us.  Life goes on whether it is a rainy or sunny day.  Today is a very rainy day, which has naturally caused a big drop in temperatures.  It is 79.9 degrees Fahrenheit outside, trying hard to stay below 80 degrees!  Winter is surely on its way.