Day 54

ON EKUSHI FEBRUARY (Feb 21) holiday folks were out commemorating International Mother Tongue Language Day.  Charles and his daughter, Candace were trying out  hats.  In reality Candace wanted a hat, and a cap salesman wanted Charles to have a cap! LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER! “Pollyanna?”  & her Father! Continue reading Day 54

Day 53

BENGALI MAN DEMONSTRATING WHAT his bubble blower can do!  What child wouldn’t want one of these after seeing this demonstration.  Near the Boi Mela (Book Fair) there were many vendors trying to sell their wares. Continue reading Day 53

Day 52

EKUSHI FEBRUARY, AND INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY!  MY WIFE, ALICE, AND I HAD our faces painted which is a tradition on holidays.  We both had the Shohid Minar (language martyrs memorial) painted on our faces and Alice had the Bangladesh national flag painted on her hand. This is the day in 1952 when some students … Continue reading Day 52