Dipte & James Pender wedding

This was a Christian wedding.  She was a friend of Dustin’s.A Muslim wedding we attended in December.

Alice and I with the Bride and Groom.  Dustin had him in one of his English classes several years ago.  There were several thousand guests at the wedding.  We arrived at 6:00 PM and had some coffee, had some pictures taken with the couple, and then went to the dining hall to eat a Bengali meal.  The groom was around to make sure we were well taken care of.  The groom was going back and forth from the lobby of the building, having photos taken and up where the people were eating.  Obviously when tables were empty people left and others took their place.  We had curried mutton, chicken, rice and vegetables. Dustin with the Bride and Groom

Notice that for the photos they don’t like to smile!The brideThe bride's handsThe bride's hands!Bride's hands

The Bride's Hands!

Plenty of Jewelry!  This is basically the dowry.  The father of the Groom is a Doctor.