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My Wife With a Good Friend and my Favorite Rickshaw Wallah

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I miss Bangladesh.   As I am uploading this, these ladies are chatting with each other on their mobiles! 🙂   Bear with me, if I have uploaded it before! It might just have been put on Facebook.

IMG_9706 - Copy

Bicycle Rickshaw Artist at Work

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Artist at Work Painting a New Rickshaw

Artist at Work Painting a New Rickshaw

Rickshaw Mechanic Catching up With the News

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This was one of my photos that was exhibited at Kalpana Boarding for the TTL-BIF7 Photo Exhibition.  The exhibition had two venues this year, including Drik Gallery in Dhanmondi.

I actually took this photo while riding a Rickshaw on Asad Avenue in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I have had tea with the gentleman on the left, and he has even given me free rickshaw rides.

TTL7 Exhibition Photo

Old Bicycle Chain Gets Put to a Good Use

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Rickshaw Chain

Ramadan, Tea Stalls, and Restaurants

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During the Holy Month of Ramadan most tea stalls and restaurants hang tarps for privacy for those that need to eat and drink. Rickshaw Wallahs work hard and need their energy, and there are people of other religions that do not fast during this time.

Tea Stall on Asad Avenue

marlandphotos-blog-rickshaw wallah-Ramadan

Tea Stall in Iqbal Rdmarlandphotos-blog-photography-Dhaka-Ramadan

Hotel on Asad Avenuemarlandphotos-blog-photography-fasting-Dhaka-Ramadan

Fun Times at the Rickshaw Sprint and Relay Race

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Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta Week 2014 started of with two races.  It was a fun event.  No I didn’t pull a rickshaw!  The relay had 21 rickshaws and 84 rickshaw pullers.


marlandphotos-photography-blog-RickshawRace marlandphotos-blog-photography-dhaka-RickshawRace





Alice Poses with Relay teams in front of the Parliament Building


Coming Out of the Fog in Agartala, India

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