Day 180

HERE IS ONE WAY NAPKINS WERE folded like flowers at the Forest Green Restaurant in Syhlet, Bangladesh.

Day 179

STILL LIFE SET UP BY MY WIFE ALICE, as she has started using her point-n-shoot camera.

Day 178

I SAW THIS VW BUG IN SYHLET, BANGLADESH WHICH brought back many memories of my teenage years.  This was a very popular vehicle in America in the 60s.

Day 175

I VISITED THE SHAH JALAL MAZAR in Syhlet yesterday.  This is a shrine for the Muslim Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal. Here is a Muslim Bengali feeding the pigeons.  Here is what I found at “Yahoo Answers.”
There was a man who was very poor, he could not afford anything. His business was poor. Despite all he would feed hungry birds, with scraps of food left over. And because the birds were so hungry and so grateful, they would thank the man for giving them food. And so in re-turn the birds prayed to Allah over and over again that the man would become richer! and luckier. Allah heard the birds prayers and slowly the man became richer and richer with strokes of luck! And his business was extremely successfull!!

My mum told me this story, basically the birds pray for you and thank you for feeding their empty stomachs! 😀

Feeding the Pigeons

Lots of grain for lots of pigeons!


Day 174

HERE I AM AT WORK EITHER checking e-mail or sorting photos.  This is in the dining room of the Cherrapungee Holiday Resort. Alice did get her point-and-shoot and did shooting on this trip.  It’s one way to get my photo on the blog!  We actually checked out and headed back to our Hotel in Syhlet, Bamgladesh yesterday morning.