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Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! And “Waldo” is Dave and Ruth Ann Miller- former neighbors and friends! Not sure where the comma goes, but they are not “former” friends! LOL

Ok, but you surely can’t find Dave and Ruth Ann in this next photo! 🙂

Streets of Rome

Can’t believe it’s already been 65 days since we were here! Have a Great Thanksgiving.

I decided to travel this road, since I was picking up my my father’s 3rd cousin, who had been taking of her mother, and needed a ride home. Her mother and I both live just off of this route.

White-Tail Deer on the Run

A dog came over and barked at these deer before I could get a photo of them grazing! Tails up, and away they go, showing quite well, why they are called white-tailed deer.

I remember when the hula hoop was invented. Of course, we got one, at least 60 years ago. I did meet the inventor maybe 15 years later!

Big Buck

Saw this nice buck in a park in San Antonio, during a walk!

Sea Shell Art

Nice discovery on our River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

Pass the Biscuits

Homemade Biscuits and Gravy

97% Fat Free

Saw this unique way to advertise for milk the other day on a post, and so when I passed it in Lancaster County, I decided if I pass by again to grab a photo. Of course I have always loved the old stone barns, typical of this area. You only find a rare stone barn, like this in Holmes County, Ohio.