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Butterfly at Work



I was told that these were Bachelor’s Buttons! They likely also have another name. I was told that it is hard to render them in a photo the exact color they are in nature! I guess you can tell me if my camera, wordpress, and lightroom were able to reproduce the color accurately!


Turquoise Flower


Farewell Flower From Lucia

Small but mighty! I was given this “flower” from a little girl as I said good-bye to her! Thanks, Lucia!






A Nice Welcome!

After a two week trip, a week which was spent in the Rockies (Jasper, Banff, Waterton, and Glacier Parks), we were welcomed by our own wildflowers which had blossomed while we were gone!! We had left the country of wildflowers, mountains, bears, mosquitoes, , deer and gushing waterfalls. We came home to mountains of mail and photos to edit, deer on our walking trail and our very own wildflowers! Trip photos will be coming later!


I haven’t had a chance to go out and photograph all the harbingers of Spring, so I am posting this photo I took beside a walking trail, three weeks ago. Needless to say those flowers were later covered by at least two or three snowfalls!