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My Uncle passed and these items depicted the things that were familiar to him, since he had a watch and clock shop for 55 years.

Natural Bird Feeder

Returning home from a 3 week road trip, I filled our bird feeders. If this goldfinch was attracted to the finch feeder, it was soon distracted by the natural sides close by!

Rose Among Thorns

Ok, it isn’t a rose, but I thought it worked! A little beauty in the desert in New Mexico.

Creative Bouquet

Our dessert, nicely decorated cupcakes (wedding cake!), at my cousin’s wedding!

Crocuses are blooming; Love is in the air!

Several weeks ago, a fellow employee, where I work quit working. Soon I heard she was dating an employee!! That same week, I picked up some taxi customers, and the daughter had her boyfriend with her! He looked familiar, and I realized he was the son of another customer. What a surprise to find out they had just started dating! Also on Thursday evening this week, I saw a male Woodcock putting on an aerial performance to try and impress a female woodcock! Spring is welcome, though the Calendar and weather forecast say it isn’t here yet!

Autumn Flower Bed

Attractive Home

This Amish home uses flower to enhance it’s attractiveness!


Daisies are always special. We had daisies for our Wedding flowers. And then were shocked as we were hiking on our honeymoon, and right in front of us was a large patch of daisies.

Old Wagon RePurposed

Spring Purple Hues